Detail & Production Design

Conceptia provides end to end engineering solutions right from conceptual design development till the commissioning of the vessel. Since Conceptia’s inception detail design has been our forte. We assist our customers with 3D modelling, detailed drawings, production information for structure, piping and electrical disciplines, ensuring the entirety and the potency of our detail design service.

Conceptia offers tailored solutions to each of our customers; our highly skilled team of experts with their peerless experience ensure the same. 3D models are created considering the block divisions based on the shipyards’ infrastructure availability, using sophisticated 3D software. Also, Conceptia works hand in hand with owners and shipyard on-site to assist in production related complications.


Conceptia’s structural team consists of skilled professionals, developing 3D models and detailing of ship along with offshore/onshore platform structures. Our expertise in basic design and class approval is one of our cherished assets. We are well versed with the international codes and standards used in the maritime industry and highly familiar with the Statutory and Classification Society rules and regulations.


  • Hull Structural 3D Model
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Model Production Drawings
  • Nesting Drawings
  • Assembly Sketches
  • Welding Details
  • Part and Profile List
  • Material Take Off (MTO) / Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Weight and Centre of Gravity – WCOG
  • Material Reconciliation and Weight Analysis


Conceptia with years of experience and vast in house expertise provides flexible fabrication design using single integrated environment. Conceptia develops intelligent 3D models, detailing, production and installation support for piping, HVAC and outfitting by using most advanced 3D modeling software chosen by the design organization / shipyard.

Our proficiency in carrying out design reviews and audits fixes design flaws at the initial stage of the product development to aim for significant savings in project cost & time.


  • 3D Plant Modelling
  • Piping Layout and Pipe Routing Drawings
  • Isometric Drawings
  • MTO
  • Equipment List/Nozzle List
  • Interference Report – Clash Detection List
  • Catalogue Specifications for Piping and Structures
  • Piping Arrangement Drawings
  • Design and Analysis of Pipes, Racks and Supports
  • Spool Drawings – Fabrication Drawings


Conceptia provides electrical engineering support by preparing and developing required layout designs and detailed drawings required for installations of internal circuits systems for variety of vessels and offshore platforms, using most advanced and sophisticated 3D software and generation of installation drawings information.

Ship’s electrical design including power generation and distribution, auxiliary electrical systems and lighting network can be completed by Conceptia for its customers. Given the outline specifications of the vessel, Conceptia will produce the complete electrical design and obtain class approval. During the production stage to iron out all production issues and to lead to system integration, Conceptia would co-ordinate between the owner and the yard.

Conceptia’s electrical team consists of skilled professionals in developing SLD, Cable Routing for LT distribution systems including main LT panel, PDB and LDB, detailed connection and termination drawings, including all detailed Layout design.


  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Short Circuit and Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Load Calculations
  • Connection/Termination Drawings
  • Routing and Detailing for both High Voltage and Low Voltage Systems
  • Generation of BOM and Equipment list for each drawing
  • Detailed Layout Design – Switch Board, Distribution Board, Starter and Control Desk