Scrubber Retrofit

Conceptia offers turnkey solutions to assist ship owners in complying with the IMO regulation on Sulfur Limit in exhaust gas, which is to be implemented globally in the year 2020. Previously in January, 2015 the Sulfur content in exhaust gas was limited to 0.5% in ECAs (Emission Control Area).

With these amendments, a lot of ship owners have turned to EGCS – Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (Scrubbers). Conceptia offers class approved plans, engineering solution and project management for the Scrubber Retrofit.

Initial Phase & FEED

Ship Survey & 3D Scan

Initial survey of the vessel and its operational profile are studied in order to assess the feasibility of a scrubber retrofit.

3D scanning techniques are used to increase the accuracy in the survey and to help with developing an efficient design.

The operational profile is taken into consideration to choose a scrubber system and the associated equipment to best fit the requirement and also to check for the availability of the vessel for the retrofit.

Feasibility Study

A technical feasibility report is prepared to rationalize the proposed retrofit.

A concept GA is generated incorporating the SOx scrubber installation, layout and systems interface verification.

To ensure the compliance of the proposed retrofit plan with the guidelines laid out by the regulatory and statutory bodies we provide our customers with the feasibility report.

Basic Engineering & Project Planning

Basic Design/Engineering focusing on:

Exhaust System P&IDs

Structural Strength Analysis & Structural Arrangement

Electrical – Control Panels, Load Balance Calculations

Piping – Effluent storage & discharge, Sludge Line, etc.

At this stage the final project plan to guide and control the execution of the project will be formulated.

Detailed Engineering

Preparation of 3D modelling of:

·      Structure

·      Equipment placement

·      Routing of various pipe lines

·      Electrical cable trays are involved.

Working out the spatial and weight restrictions involved, along with the structural modifications that have to be made to the existing funnel in order to integrate the additional exhaust chambers required for the scrubber systems.

Production Information – All the data necessary for the retrofit is extracted from the detail design software and produced in the form of GA, P&IDs, Production Drawings, etc., in order to carry out the retrofit.