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Engineering / PLM

Structural analysis

We could help you determine if your already designed structure is optimal or else altogether let us design the structure for you. We need a description of the functional aspects as well as environment specifications and we could advise you the suitable standards to be applied for the design and actually carry it out for you. The design basis report which would be submitted to you would be a valuable record for safekeeping or for further study.
  • Conceptia’s CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM services include:
      • Data conversion
      • Engineering Analysis
      • Detailed Engineering
      • PLM customization
  • Conceptia specializes in engineering analysis for:
      • Component weight optimization while not compromising the strength
      • Fins design for optimum cooling
      • Motion simulation and assembly design
  • Engineering Analysis includes:
      • Building the CAD model
      • Establishment of boundary conditions
      • Mesh generation
      • Analysis
      • Results interpretation
      • Report generation

Concept Design
Concept Generation: -We understand the requirements of the client, their demands, purpose, scope and constraints. Thereafter the customer needs are molded into the product specification which results in a set of product concepts from which the team will make a final selection.

Basic Design
Product Feasibility check – all the customer specifications are compiled using advanced FEA software’s to conclude about the feasibility of the product.

Iterative process – According to the feasibility results a set of iterations of the product design is been put forth to come up with an optimal design solution.

Virtual Prototypes
Development of CAD Model: - The final optimum design is brought to shape using advanced CAD software. Virtual prototyping give an idea about the manufacturability, lead time for manufacture & overall costing, which are very much essential while moving on to prototype manufacturing.

Finite Element Analysis
Product Analysis: - To account for the product serviceability & limit states. Total comprehensive FEA is carried out before the finalizing for initial prototype generation, which gives a clear picture of the product stability and behavior under various circumstances posed on to the product.

Detail Design Report Generation
The report will be generated as per the final FEA, which comply with the design standards requested by the customer.

Manufacturing Specification
The manufacturing specification includes the detail production drawings of product parts, assemblies, welding details, cutting details, tolerances & bolting.


Aveva-Tribon (M3, MARINE) software is 3D ship design software compromising of various modules of specialization. Conceptia professionals are expertise in Tribon software. The employees are provided with advance training on Tribon modules: - Lines, Curved hull modeling, Planar Hull modeling, Nesting, Part-Profile list generation, pipe modeling, structure modeling etc. Experienced professionals are available for onsite deployment as per the client’s project assignment requisites.

    P D M S

    Conceptia outfitting team is provided with training on Aveva-PDMS. Conceptia outsource eligible professionals who expertise in piping and system routing in wide diversified fields of Marine, Process and Power plant industries to domestic and international clients .
      PLM Solutions

      Our PLM solutions support the broad needs of the product lifecycle, from concept and design to manufacture and support. PLM Software helps you build the right product – and build the product right.

      The mission is to collaborate with companies to deliver open solutions that help turn more ideas into successful products. These open solutions allow you to to transform your process of innovation and maximize the value derived from products throughout their entire lifecycle.

        Conceptia is currently engaged in the development of a large underwater mobile platform using CATIA. The level of expertise required to develop the structural, piping and cabling elements is of a very high order. Highly trained CATIA personnel are available at hand to deploy on projects as per client requirements for outsourcing services or for product development assignments.


        Conceptia has been serving domestic and international customers since its inception. Conceptia has a captive resource of high caliber manpower for undertaking outsourced jobs or for product development assignments in SolidWorks.



        PLM Solutions for Design Office Automation which shortens product delivery and reduces resource wastage.

        Following are the customizations that are involved while implementing PLM (Team center-Enterprise).
        • Product Structure:
          Forming the product structure that is approximately matching the organization structure and the products under development.
        • Assembly Forms customization:
          These are the form that capture the attributes of the assembly document and gives the entire information of the product assembly and sub-assembly
        • Component level forms customization:
          These are the forms that capture the attributes of the component document and give the entire information of the components.
        • Relationship attributes customization:
          While pushing the component or a sub-assembly to the assembly some relationship needs to be defined, these are also required while working with standard parts in PLM System.
        • Life-cycle and rules customization:
          Once the product elements such as assembly or components are defined then it is required to travel in the Life cycle, this has to be customized based on the organization structure. Some rights and permissions are then required to be defined so that the product data is properly managed.
        • Setting up query database:
          A query database along with other databases is required to be setup to store the data and then be populated for other variants. Also, vaults have to be created based on the inputs given by Client.
        • Revision and sequencing:
          This is basically to incorporate the Engineering Change Notes in the same way it is handled now.
        • Report Generation:
          Specification Sheet format, BOM format, and weight data sheet formats are some of the many reports that is required as an output of the data fed into PLM system.

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