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SolidWorks Enterprise - PDM

Product Data Management Solution for the Enterprise helps out effective data management allows engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, and marketing staff to avoid errors such as working with the wrong versions of documents or accidentally overwriting the right versions. In addition, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM enables intelligent data reuse, conserving time and effort. Using powerful yet easy-to-use search tools, product designers can locate CAD and simulation files more quickly and avoid redundant data.

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Rapid implementation and scalable across multiple sites

With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you can implement an effective PDM solution in a fraction of the time required by other solutions in its class. Start with a small workgroup and make immediate productivity gains, then scale your solution as you grow to include hundreds of users across multiple global locations. With support for any Microsoft® Windows file, your organization can better manage and share all types of product information and data, from engineering documents and bills of materials to product marketing specifications.

By improving data management and workflow across multiple replicated sites

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM helps integrate the product development activities of widely dis persed corporate divisions, departments, customers, and suppliers. By automatically replicating data at multiple locations, users can save significant time in downloading large assemblies.

Streamline processes with workflow automation

The built-in graphical workflow capabilities of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM software allow your organization to automate approval processes to reduce errors while improving efficiency and communication. For example, multiple operations can be automatically performed during the standard new product release process, such as automatic revision control, title block data entry, neutral file and format creation, such as project managers and purchasing. Double electronic signatures can help certify FDA CFR Part 11 and other industry requirements.

Audit activities to improve standards compliance and quality

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM tracks and records every event, each workflow, and at every version. Audit tools record who did what and when, and how and why each change was made, simplifying preparation of internal quality reports as well as those required by regulatory agencies and ISO auditors. Auditing activities more effectively can help to identify potential problems early and improve processes continuously, increasing your organization’s ability to compete.

Share information with your customers and suppliers

With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM you can extend the benefits of data management and workflow capabilities to activities involving customers and suppliers. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM lets you provide exactly the right level of information access to each member of your extended team, improving efficiency without compromising confi- dentiality or security. Extending product information to customers and suppliers with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM shortens the product development process.

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