Structural Steel Engineering

Steel Engineering is the art and science of bringing together the concept of the owners, vision of the architect and the workability of steel to produce a design that while adhering to the standards of construction, provides an straight forward method of fabrication and erection of the envisaged structure.

Steel Structure Design

The engineering starts with the receipt of the concept design. The concept is expanded upon with the study into the functionality of the structure, where in several studies are conducted of the likes of geographical survey, wind load analysis, and internal and structural load estimation. The results of these studies form the basis of defining the structure design and construction. Considering various guidelines for construction of structures with regard to the area’s soil composition, seismic activity, wind conditions, etc., the structural layout is prepared after incorporating appropriate systems to cater for any situations which could affect the stability of the building and the safety of the occupants.

Preparation of structural layout involves the analysis of load distribution due to all factors including seismic loads, wind loads, structural loads and the loads due to the occupants and items inside the building and ensuring through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the suitability of the structural members and the connections between them.

The result of this is the generation of layout of the structure, floor plans, member specification and sizing, design of typical and atypical connections, bracket sizing and bolt sizing, welding schedules, integration to foundations, integration of safety mechanisms, if any, and the preliminary estimation of the quantity of construction material.

Steel Detailing

Once the Steel Design is ready, then the next phase of design commences. This phase involves the detailed engineering of the entire structure involving every small component of the design to provide the construction ready drawings.

This is done by use of a 3D modeling software like TEKLA Structures to ensure the easy and fast generation of the drawings. Taking the results of the structural design, a project is first created in the software to which the material and construction standards are assigned.

The work is then taken up by the modelers who capture the each and every small aspect of the structure and ensure that the connections are fully completed. Extra care is applied during the design of connection and concrete interfaces. The draftsmen then generate the required drawings for fabrication, assembly and erection from the same. This process also generates the bill of materials (BOQ) and Material report in a complied as well as segregated format (along with the assembly drawings) for the procurement and construction teams respectively.


3D Model Review and Walkthrough

The advantages of working in a 3D environment are aplenty. This includes the ability to visualize the entire model first hand and ensure that nothing is out of place. This model helps the client review the work, as and when required, from a location of their choosing. Even the end users are able to review this model and suggest areas of improvement.

Taking an extra step towards client satisfaction, Conceptia also generates a walkthrough of the complete structure showcasing how the entire structure would look like from the point of view of a person located inside the building and moving through the building.


About Conceptia, India

Conceptia is an ISO 9001 certified Indian engineering company that is working to bring world class technologies, proven expertise and innovative solutions required by the Indian industry for development of maritime and industrial assets in India.

Conceptia’s core expertise is in providing design engineering services to shipyards, ship owners and oil and gas companies. We undertake detailed engineering for most types of ships and offshore structures and basic design of small vessels.

Engineering services for the Port sector is offered together with MARIN, Netherlands.


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