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Process / Power Plants

Engineering Services in PLANT DESIGN:

Conceptia Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore’s is an ISO 9001-2000 Engineering & Consultancy organization providing end to end solutions for Detailed Engineering Design services related to Piping Engineering by the use of world class hardware and state of art software tools. The young and dedicated team of engineering professionals with proven track record forms an engineering hub for meeting out the variances of client requirements with greater degree of accuracy complying with desired international standards and governing codes of acceptance.

Piping Design & Engineering

Both new piping systems design and modifications to existing systems can be carried out by Conceptia. Equipment selection to satisfy the intended purposes can be a part of the new system design. We keep in mind the existing equipment while designing modifications to existing systems. Piping systems design can also be enlarged in scope to providing a complete turnkey solution in which Conceptia handles system schematics, P&Is, equipment selection and procurement as well as detailed engineering of the system and dove tail with the production agency.

The services and technical support of Conceptia is catered to the following major domains

  • Equipment Design Engineering Capabilities
  • Process Piping Design Engineering Services
  • Structural
  • Extraction of Reports
  • Project Management
  • Production Support

Conceptia extends its widespread services to wide diversities of Marine, Process and Power plant industries including
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals & Petro-Chemical Process Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Cement Processing Plants
  • Bulk-drug  Pharmaceutical Process Plants
  • Off-shore & On-shore Marine structures

Basic Engineering

The Basic Engineering will be carried out as per the guidelines set by the customer and Govt. statutory bodies, laws, by-laws or Acts specified taking necessary approvals and permissions from the statutory bodies, preparing cost estimates, technical specification and for evaluation of bids and ensuring quality of procurement items and workmanship of construction in line with sound established and safe engineering practices, standards and codes, completing the project as per the terms and conditions of the contract and to the satisfaction of the customer and commissioning the project within the agreed time schedule.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Design of the process together with its control and automation, safety, environmental and other systems will encompass process design and analysis, conceptual design and basic engineering phases of the project life cycle. The layout & installation should provide optimum space for further expansion in terms of plant storage and operating capacity. The Basic Engineering & FEED data will be submitted to the customer with Project cost estimation & Plant layout for approval. All the drawings shall preferably be finalised by us during Basic Engineering & FEED except for what will be prepared during Detailed Engineering phase (viz. fabrication drawings, construction drawings foundation, steel frame, construction drawings for electrical equipment, instrumentation and piping, vents/drains, Hook ups, Loops, vendor data etc.).

Equipment Engineering

It Includes:

  1. Formulation of design philosophy, and approval from customer.
  2. Preparation of drawings as per Basic Engineering & FEED requirement, defining major equipment, giving the layout of equipment with sections and elevations, wherever necessary for equipment engineering as per the statutory guidelines followed in upstream oil industry.
  3. Define scope and finalize engineering specifications based on process data sheets for all static and rotary equipment.
  4. Provide specifications / standards for all equipment and machinery to be procured as part of turnkey supply considering system and statutory requirements.
  5. Finalize agreed specification / standards for equipment/machinery to be incorporated in the contract of turnkey supplier in consultation with the customer.
  6. Review/approval of drawings/documents of turnkey supplier during execution as necessary.

Mechanical & Piping

It includes:

  1. Provision of information regarding applicable codes / standards for pipe classification.
  2. Stress analysis as required for critical piping.
  3. Design of all equipment like Vessels, Tanks, dehydrators, Heat Exchangers. Pumps and engines, instrumentation control and monitoring, electrics and illumination and steam generation and distribution etc. required for the proposed system.
  4. Selection of electrical and instrument items along with requisite specifications as per OMR, Indian Electricity Rules, OISD and DGMS guidelines.
  5. Preparation of General Layout Plan includes Plot Plan for the plant with position dimensions of the major equipment/systems as per provisions of the Mines Act and OISD and DGMS guidelines.
  6. Preparation of detailed technical specifications including data sheets, tender drawings, basic layout, estimated quantities of execution for various contracts including civil, structural, equipment, piping, electrical, instrumentation as required for the process and statutory guidelines.
  7. Provision of final agreed specification/standards for piping engineering to be incorporated in contract of turnkey plant supplier in consultation with the customer.
  8. Review/approval of drawing/documents of turnkey plant supplier during execution as necessary with respect to engineering performed and statutory requirement.

Electrical design

It includes:

  1. Preparation of design basis report as per requirements of the system and statutory requirements e.g. OMR, CMRI, DGMS, Indian Electricity rules and OISD.
  2. Preparation of single line diagrams and typical control schematic drives.
  3. Preparation of area classifications drawings.
  4. Preparation of cathodic protection system for crude storage tanks and pipings, cable tray/trench and earthing layouts.
  5. Preparation of illumination layout drawings.
  6. Preparation of typical installation drawings for installation, earthing and lighting fixtures.
  7. Preparation of technical specifications/data sheets for all electrical equipments.
  8. Review of vendor's/contractor's generated drawings.
  9. Equipment layout drawings and equipment, mounting and erection details.
  10. Special alarm for substation equipment, drive motors, lighting fittings, motor control centers, security alarm at gate office etc.
  11. Specify applicable codes / standards for electrical supplies and erection.
  12. Technical appraisal of bids for all electrical items and concepts in turnkey bids in consultation with the customer.
  13. Provision of final agreed specifications / standards for all electrical supplies, erection to be incorporated in the contract for turnkey plant.


It includes:

  1. Preparation of controls & instrumentation system design philosophy as per statutory requirements of OMR, DGMS, OISD and other Govt. laws and by-laws.
  2. Selection of Instrumentation & Control System for the following:
    - Tank Farm Management System
    - Flow Metering System
    - Water-in-oil Monitor
    - Motorized Valve
    - Bath Heaters
    - Emulsion Treaters
    - Separator Vessels etc.
    - Steam boilers
    - Crude Oil Despatch Pumps
    - Effluent Treatment Plant with recycling facility
    - Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) system
  3. Preparation of interlocks and protection specs.
  4. Preparation of control system scheme.
  5. Preparation of measurement loop diagrams.
  6. Preparation of instruments index and specifications for field instruments and accessories.
  7. Preparation of control room layout and control panel GA drawings etc.
  8. Designing of electronic mimic panel, surveillance camera and monitoring system.
  9. Calculation of total electrical load for Instrumentation systems and design of suitable UPS.
  10. Preparation of technical specifications/data sheets for all equipment and review/approval of vendor's contractor’s design documents, if any.
  11. Preparation of instrument layout drawings, cable schedule, and interconnection diagrams.
  12. Preparation of instrument installation standards and erection specifications.

Civil & Structural

It includes:

  1. Detailed soil investigation and all test report including soil characteristics, ground water table level, safe bearing capacity and recommended type of foundations for various types of structures proposed for the project considering the all relevant codes. Soil Liquefaction effect at earthquake motion considering all relevant provision of BIS codes shall be studied, analysed and furnished with recommendation for structural safety. Topographical survey shall be made and detailed contour map will be prepared for the site. This contour map to be used as a reference map for earth work, finalization of finished ground level, layout of various structures etc.
  2. Economical planning of layout of all the facilities proposed considering serviceability, utility and safety.
  3. Development of design criteria for all civil, structural and architectural works.
  4. Detailed Planning, analysis, and design of all the structures, facilities, various foundations including offices, sheds and control room, Overhead water tanks etc. as per relevant BIS Codes and National Building Code. The necessary static and dynamic loading shall be obtained from different vendors or generated wherever required as a basic data for civil & structural design including different types of foundations. Where BIS codes are not sufficient, we may refer to the American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard.
  5. Design of pavements, Potable water supply system and efficient drainage system.
  6. Concept or preliminary design of various structures such as building, industrial shed, tank foundation etc. are required to be done as per state of the art and relevant BIS code.
  7. Detailed analysis & design as per relevant BIS codes on approval of concept design.
  8. In addition to the normal foundations we shall separately suggest base Isolation for Oil Storage tanks with their cost implication.

3D Plant Modeling

Presentation of computer animated 3D Walkthrough model to customer based on process flow concept as per Basic Engineering & FEED, for design visualization of entire plant layout including milestones and operations of the units with focus on critical processes.

P&I Diagrams & PFDs

Apart from the above all encompassing scope of work, customers may also benefit from part work such as preparation of Process schematics, Process & instrumentation diagrams and Process Flow diagrams with approval from statutory and government bodies.

Procurement specifications

Conceptia can be of help to plant owners for procuring equipment and fittings that form part of a new plant design or an existing plant modernization / modification.



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