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SolidWorks Premium 2009 a complete 3D product design solution provides unparalleled ease of use and performance combined with new powerful capabilities that allow you to design and deliver better products to your customers.

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3D Modeling

Part Modeling. With Instant3D, you have the fastest, easiest way to create and modify 3D part geometry. By simply clicking and dragging, you can precisely create and resize features even section entities. As you ready your design for production, use DimXpert to create accurate 2D drawings (or drawingless data) to ensure your parts will fit when manufactured.

2D Drafting

Develop production-quality engineering drawings, including all views,dimensions, tolerances, and bills of materials (BOMs) that automatically updateeach time you change your design. Completely annotate your drawings with tables,symbols, and automatic balloon notes. An intuitive user interface ensures that both occasional and full-time users can quickly complete fully detailed drawings.


Automates and simplifies the design of all types of piping, tubing and electrical cabling systems. Also includes a library of special fittings for routed systems, plus harnessing documentation capabilities that further ease the design of electronic subsystems.

SolidWorks Simulation Designer

An analysis application for virtual testing of parts and assemblies, shows engineers how their designs will behave as physical objects, testing factors such as material stress and heat conduction. Analysis of Parts and Assemblies, Supports Linear Static, Thermal Stress, Contact analysis in assemblies with friction etc.


Software for Photo realistic rendering of models with various textures and finishes and background scenes.

SolidWorks ToolBox

Time saving Library of standared fasteners, cams, structural members, bearings etc.

eDrawings Professional

is the first email enabled communication tool that dramatically eases the review of 2D and 3D product design data. (Enable Markup, Measure, Password protection, explode views, play SolidWorks animator, dynamic cross-section etc.)


Enable bidirectional collaboration between electrical and mechanical design engineers to ensure printed circuit boards (PCBs) fit and function in mechanical products. Permit accurate cooling studies and reduce the chances of interference between PCB and mechanical components.

DWG Series

DWGSeries is a set of software tools created for current and former AutoCAD software users who need to open, edit, create, and share DWG data more efficiently with others.


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